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We call our body butter silky for a reason! Our blend of oils and butters help soften, rejuvenate, and refresh the skin’s surface.
A little goes a long way, thanks to our formula rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin F, and fatty acids that help the aging process to take place gracefully. We add avocado oil, which could help with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis due to having a good source of potassium and lecithin. Try it unscented, or any of our fabulous scents!
Trash those watered-down lotions and nourish your body with Peau Veloutee!
Our thick, luxurious cream is made with moisturizing properties such as avocado and rice bran oil. It’s all-natural, paraben-free, silicone-free, and feels fabulous on your skin.

Maximize your body care routine with our Silky Bath Whip, designed to leave your skin feeling luxuriously soft, smooth, hydrated, and deeply cleansed. This whip is not only perfect for cleansing but great for shaving and exfoliating as well. Get a loofah or one of our exfoliating nets and scoop a portion of the whip to help exfoliate, or replace your shaving cream with our whip and feel how fabulous your legs and arms feel.

This candle is not your ordinary candle. Our massage candles moisturize your skin, giving you a silky, velvety feel. Use the candle for massages, or as a warming oil to hydrate your skin.
This net (known as Sapo) is perfect for removing dead skin cells from your body! This long net is great for hard-to-reach areas such as the back, so every part of your body will feel clean and smooth. Use once to twice a week for the best results.

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